We're all locked down - now what?

Not just here but in every country? All the arm chair experts can't tell me what they would do.

They point to the Far East but Singapore keeps locking down - I'll bet the rest do as well.

In fact I bet infection rates surge in South Korea as it eases measures.

They point to Eastern Europe but can't explain how they won't see infections surge when they ease their lockdown.

They say test and trace but can't explain how you do that with open borders.

They say close the borders but can't explain how normal life will resume or are willing to explain that that means foreign holidays won't happen.

In fact what they see and are commentating on are the first moves of a pandemic but seem oblivious to the fact that it go on for years.

Until people grasp some basic facts. Until they are honest about where we are.
Until they are honest about the trade offs we are going to struggle to move forward.

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