Some thought provoking quotes from @asemota.

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"I saw a beautiful new apartment block and was thinking that new occupants would be "lucky people" then paused and asked "why not me?""
"Individualism is the curse of youth... People who win collaborate and form collectives and units that are stronger than individuals."
"Corruption is an improvisation around irrational constraints."
"Music can also be used to hack yourself. I use it a lot to alter my mood and put myself in a certain state of mind. It is why it is an essential part of all spiritual worship."
"We can't easily innovate around those institutions as they have the law on their side. People who shout corruption don't realize that it is hard to end because it is sustained by legal institutions."
"Don't fall in love with the tech, fall in love with the business model"
"Africa will not get developed from wishful thinking. It will be developed when the men with the guns become more sensible about the future. Guns don't grow food or bring development."
"A nation sells the good, the bad and the ugly through its movies. Pun intended. America did not just sell characters, it sold an ideal America."
"I personally believe it is irresponsible to humiliate the poor and rob them of dignity while trying to promote yourself. Let gratitude be on its own and enough reward."
"Keeping to your tribe will not save your tribe. It will kill it. Sharing is how you dominate. That was the superpower of the colonialists and why their economies remain dominant today."
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