At the beginning of this crisis, Sweden ignored @WHO advice, and did no lock down.
In the UK, innumerate right-wing pundits opposed to lockdown suggest that Sweden is doing wonderfully well, & is an example we should emulate.
Examining the statistics exposes this as bullshit!
Yesterday, Sweden, with a population of about 10 million recorded a record high 182 deaths.
However, daily death figures fluctuate wildly:
it would be better to look at weekly moving averages, but the trend is clear.
(Stats and charts come from here: )
I have not compared Sweden directly with the UK, because the UK figures do not include care-homes.
It's more interesting to compare Sweden with its neighbours Denmark and Norway, each of which have a population of about half that of Sweden.
The comparison does not look good.
Despite a broadly similar headline infection rate, the apparent mortality rate in Sweden dwarfs that of Norway.
I suspect that this suggests that there are considerable numbers in Sweden whose infection remains undetected.
The comparison of Sweden and Denmark tells a similar story:
In addition, the mortality trend in Denmark are moving in a very different direction to that in Sweden,
Sweden is *not* doing well.
So why do we continue to hear the completely bogus "Sweden is doing wonderfully" narrative?
Sadly, right-wing pundidts in the uK are mostly completely incompetent with mathematics, statistics and science, so the merely incestuously recirculate counterfactual propaganda.
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