Why is there an increase in the number of cases...

"There are two ways to look at it. First, to get worried after looking at the number of cases as there are around 700-800 cases per day. But another way to look at this is that I have a very targeted approach to trace cases."
"We have a higher number of cases because of aggressive surveillance and testing. We have formed 1000 teams, each comprising three members and a police constable.

There were many poor patients trying to suppress their disease and not coming out."
"We have tried to trace people even with flu-like symptoms. We have also visited chemist shops to find out who is buying Paracetamol without prescription. We have issued a circular under Epidemic Act that names of people who are buying these drugs without any prescription..."
On the strategy ahead...

"At this point, I know whatever I say will not be easy for anyone to comprehend because of the high number of cases in the city. I want to test more people. I want to find out more symptomatic persons." - #Pune District Collector

"Can you share details of the deaths reported so far in Pune?

There are only two or three cases where they were not having comorbidity. In other cases, the patients were either diabetic or suffered from some ailment."

(note - around 50 #COVID19 related deaths in #Pune so far)
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