On #EarthDay2020 🌍 we want to highlight some changemakers & BIG WHY business founders doing amazing things for the planet and taking #ClimateAction!

Check out our #FF recommendations below and feel free to add your own 👇👇
If you're looking for ways to make your business more planet friendly, switch your website to #GreenHosting! Ours is powered by renewable energy and the super helpful team at @make_hay 🌍
Have you got a four-legged friend who could celebrate #EarthDay2020 too?

@laminaanimals make planet friendly, plastic free, vegan treats and accessories for your fluffy friends!
#EarthDay #Earthday50 #EarthDayAtHome #EthicalHour
Have you ever thought about making your period more planet friendly? @Ecodreamsuk are on a mission to change the way people experience their periods with cloth menstrual pads & menstrual cups to help you go #PlasticFree!
#EarthDay2020 #EarthDay50 #EthicalHour
Has #EarthDayAtHome got you inspired to start growing your own veg? @TheCropClub specialises in helping people get growing! Even in small spaces with no garden. Bring some nature to your space with one of their growing kits! #EarthDay2020 #EthicalHour
Even your morning cup of coffee has big implications for #ClimateAction! @coromcoast coffee is getting the #EthicalHour team through lockdown with their ethical, shade grown, climate friendly coffee ☕️
#EarthDay2020 #EarthDay50
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