So, Facebook has picked 10% share in Jio at ~₹42,000 CRORES.

Few speculate that FB made the deal to get data of Indians.

I don't think so. They already have FB & WhatsApp apps to do that.

This deal is to get a pie in Indian market.
You see, facebook has always tried to do that, but failed.

They tried 'internet basics' program, which was opposed and then they hit pause.

Then they tried solar powered wifi stations, flying over remote areas. That also stopped.
Along came JIO and did what FB failed to do for a long time - Brought India online.

On the other hand, Facebook tweaked it's strategy. Bought whatsapp (has 1/5th users from India) and now its trying to make WhatsApp the next WeChat, i.e. a super app
An app that has marketplace, payment, chat, social media - all the features, in one app.

Key part of the puzzle is WhatsApp getting clearance for payments from the govt (it has applied several times, haven't got it yet)

Looking at the statements of Zuckerberg and Amabani...
Indicates the same. On one hand where Ambani talked about how this deal will help 'Ease Of Doing Business', Zuckerberg was saying there are 60 Mn small business who could benefit.

Jio not only has Jio money, but also has blessings of govt.

Long term plan looks like.... combine forces of FB, WhatsApp and Jio (that have a huge overlap of users and massive reach), to enable small businesses.
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