What is happening to the SNP and where do we go from here? I genuinely can’t see independence coming anytime soon and all the talk of we’ll do this then, is only that, talk! Talk is cheap! I get right now in the midst of a pandemic, isn’t the time but when will it be?
For me, too many in the party are losing sight of what they were elected to achieve! I am seeing/hearing too much which now completely unsettles me! I am a zillion % for independence but I can’t help thinking the party I support, no longer is!! 😔
People are suggesting Alex comes back and leads but in all honesty, I think they have broken Alex Salmond in what they did to him. As much as I would love this to be the case, I can’t see it ever happening! However we do need more folk of Alex Salmond’s stature in the party.
I can only think of a handful of SNP MPs I can say are 100% there for independence and not with their sights on other goals or career politicians! I genuinely can’t say how utterly gutted I am, that we have come so far but yet I still don’t feel any closer to independence.
I believe I lost heart when at the last conference when @AngusMacNeilSNP and @SNPChris asked for plan B to be considered and got a flat no! I have always been in favour of a GE seats = independence but no, kicking the can once more!
We continue to kowtow to our masters and in the current climate, that has cost us thousands of lives due to Westminster’s atrocious handling of #COVIDー19. A time when we should have been able to do everything necessary to save lives, our hands were tied.
As Scots we need to start realising that we will never be granted a sec 30. Plan B should have always been on the table. We are following with blind faith but that blind faith could merely result in Westminster rule forever more. 😔
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