Questions for #RCMP after #NovaScotia killings:
Why was no RCMP official on camera Tuesday answering media questions after a Canada’s worst mass murder?
Did killer Gabriel Wortman have a restricted weapons license?
1/4 #Cdnpoli
More questions for #RCMP: Did Gabriel Wortman own handguns or other restricted weapons? Or long guns?
Because the #NovaScotia RCMP must have known that information by late Saturday night. Why hasn’t it been released?
Final questions for #RCMP: With no possible trial for killer Gabriel Wortman, why is so much information being withheld now from Canadians? We deserve a more open and transparent investigation into this terrible tragedy. #Cdnpoli #NovaScotia
More questions for #RCMP: What weapons were found in Gabriel Wortman’s possession when he died? Ammunition? Why is it being kept secret when the suspect is dead? #Cdnpoli #NovaScotia
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