i’m very sad i never had the confidence to pursue my creative interests as a teen. my hs was very academia focused so i ditched my creative interests to focus on my studies and now im here age 20 deeply disenchanted w academia desperately wanting to be creative but w no skill set
i’ve been a writer since i was a kid so i studied journalism at uni bc i thought it was the only realistic way i could be a writer professionally and i hated it! it beat a lot of creativity out of me and now all i wanna do is write creatively but i like . don’t kno how anymore
in high school i wanted to be a videographer i was obsessed w music videos (hence why i make edits) but i wasn’t experienced enough to ever get into a film school so i went to uni for journalism & politics instead just bc it was something i was good at and to this day i regret it
this thread is extremely melodramatic and self centered but all i’m saying is don’t ditch ur dreams bc they seem too Big for the real world!
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