🚨 #EarthDay2020 THREAD 🚨

On #EarthDay here are some ways that you - yes, you - can combat climate change from home.

If we all work together to protect the planet whilst fighting #COVID19, we can achieve amazing things.

1) Stop contributing to the use of fossil fuels. This may take some time, but every little bit counts.

Consider cleaner sources of energy and, when you do, use less of it! That’s right, turn off your lights and electronics before you fall asleep or leave the house. It helps! 💡
2) Use your platform to make a difference. Call out companies and governments who aren’t doing their bit to protect the planet. 📢

Collective engagement has been shown to make a huge difference to the actions and behaviour of companies.
3) Drive less and consider taking the bus, biking, or walking!

We've all been prescribed daily exercise by the Government so let's use it! Consider doing your part for the planet by going for a walk instead of driving. This will help you with reducing fossil fuels, too! 🚶🚶🏿‍♀️
4) Consider eating less meat: especially beef. 🐄

If the cow population was a country, they’d be the third biggest contributors to greenhouse gases in the world.

If you can halve your meat consumption, you can reduce your dietary carbon footprint by 40%.
5) If you're not able to drive less or reduce your meat consumption, consider taking part in a green project to offset your carbon footprint. 👣

Plant a tree or two, donate or fundraise for an environmentally conscious cause or talk to your friends & family about climate action!
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