Shandy and Kenney are Bro-ling out of their lane and it's looking like no Alberta community will be spared their destruction. Thread.
Dr. Mark Armstrong put this letter to his patients in the mail last week to say goodbye before he was ready to say it and long before patients were ready to hear it.💔 If they can't find primary care like Dr. Armstrong was providing, they'll spend more time in hospitals.
180 babies were born in Lac La Biche's hospital last year, but 10 doctors are resigning their hospital duties because government cut medical liability insurance support and made hospital duties a financial drain for doctors. Lac La Biche'll Lack La E.R.
Seven doctors in Rocky Mountain House have to quit their emergency room and acute care duties so they can keep running their clinic. Dominoes will fall there too.
It looks like every doctor in the Pincher Creek clinic will stop working at the hospital there too in order to keep their clinic open.
Same for kids. This Edmonton peds clinic has to shrink their team to stay open and that will slow down care.
With so many slow witted UCP issues managers and press secretaries speaking for the government you might think this disaster is because of incompetence....fools trying to balance their corporate tax breaks with health care cuts.

But this destruction is on purpose.
This basket of grifter bros is setting the table to corporatize health care.

Who tf ever heard of a Premier's email auto-reply directing people to a PRIVATE HEALTH APP? Well Jason does that shit. He wants Albertans using Telus Babylon.
Unfortunately, commissioners aren't exactly the same here as in other places. [See Ethics Commish and the Shandro family free pass to sell private health insurance while also taking away publicly insured services.] This gov't also makes laws to say they can ignore other laws.
Either the Privacy Commish will
--"find" no breach of health information requirements [cuz she likes her job]
--find a breach and face the consequences
--or [this should scare tf out of you] she'll find a violation of health information law and the UCP bros will change the law.
That's how the petroligarchy/broligarchy/assholigarchy runs.

They're purposely gutting health care where it'll hurt most so in 3 years when they've "fixed" it with shitty solutions they profit personally from, Albertans will thank them.

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