[ #REDVELVET Tutorial] Mubeat - Show! Music Core (Global Voting)

Check this thread out on how to vote for @RVsmtown and how to get votes!
How to earn HEARTBEAT💓 ?

1. On the homepage, go to STORE
2. You can get 3 💓 for every ad watched (up to 15 ads a day per account, total 45💓)
3. 💓 is not permanent. It will last for 90 days after you obtain it.
4. You can also complete missions.

#RedVelvet @RVsmtown
How to earn STARBEAT 🌟

1. Under STORE, you can purchase 🌟(Money is required)
2. 🌟 is permanent unlike 💓

*🌟 cannot be used for Show! Music Core voting

#RedVelvet @RVsmtown
🗳 Show! Music Core PRE-VOTE 🗳

• 10% of winning criteria
• Unlimited voting! So collect as many as possible everyday.
📅 Every Tues 6PM KST ~ Friday 11AM KST
• 1 vote = 3 💓

#RedVelvet @RVsmtown
NOTICE: Regarding % reflection in Show! Music Core.

Note that PHYSICAL SALES and DIGITAL SALES count 60% thus they are extremely important for winning criteria. This doesn’t mean pre-voting is unimportant, let’s work hard in both!

#RedVelvet @RVsmtown
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