The obsession with Arab culture among the South Asian Muslim community is a reflection of deep racial insecurities and a yearning for acceptance & validation from the 'true Muslims'.

In return, they continue to be treated like 'secondary believers' in the Middle East.

By virtue of the same psychology, converts are more prone to radicalisation than those born into the faith as they have more to prove.

This is particularly true in the context of ISIS recruits from Kerala, many of whom were born into Christian or Hindu families.

The best illustration of racial insecurities among South Asian Muslims has to be Pakistan.

A Punjabi ethno-State from birth, Pak has gradually tried to replace Urdu with Arabic in universities & public discourse.

The entire nation is suffering from cultural schizophrenia.

In essence, the claim that Islam cuts across ethnic & caste boundaries couldn't be more bogus.

Unlike what they want you to believe, it's not a single tribe but an amalgamation of several tribes, with Arab tribes at the very top of the hierarchy.

So much for brotherhood! 🙃
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