Namibia is paying their unemployed R750.

We have more more money than them, why #R350?
You rushing to mention the low population factor but you don't consider the economy 😂

USA has 22million unemployed people (5million more than SA) 30 million Americans are on social welfare. But their economy is bigger than SA, So they can AFFORD to spend more on social welfare
Now the same reasoning should be considered when comparing Namibia and SA. Our economy is 25X than Namibia but our population is 22X bigger than theirs meaning there's a surplus of 3X budget for SA
Let's state ACTUAL facts. And stop adding unnecessary nonsense like family members analogies.

Here are actual facts:

Namibia $14.5 bn
SA 368 bn

Ratio 1:25


Namibia 2.5 m
SA 58 m

Ratio 1: 23

Ratio GDP - Ratio Population = 25 - 23 = Surplus of 2
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