Psychological abuse by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

"It is not far-fetched to conclude that David Copperfield and other magicians played a significant role for the CIA or Mossad in teaching Epstein and Maxwell new tricks and techniques."
"David Copperfield was a guest at Epstein’s house. It has also been reported that Copperfield himself had allegations of sexual misconduct by women who claimed he sexually abused them when they were minors."

David Blaine appears in Maxwell's Black Book.
"Isabel Maxwell's third husband, Al Seckel, was an illusionist who befriended scientists and academics.

"He founded the 'Southern California Skeptics' that investigated science's relationship to the paranormal.

"Seckel & Isabel moved to France in 2010."

As well as Epstein's friend David Copperfield, other illusionists and members of the Magic Circle include or have included:



DAVID BLAINE (who knew Janner well, seemingly)


Mountbatten's protege PRINCE CHARLES.
STEPHEN FRY is another member of the Magic Circle

Fry and Richard Branson [Stowe School; Black Book] are patrons of Missing People

Paul Gambaccini's former PA—paedophile Christian Dray—helped set it up

Kate McCann is an Ambassador

Geldof is a supporter with his firm Groupcall
STEPHEN FRY belongs to:

THE GARRICK (Sir Michael Havers, Ronald Waterhouse, Kenneth Clarke, William Mars-Jones, George Carmen, Peter Carter-Ruck, Melvyn Bragg)

THE GROUCHO (Matthew Freud, Weinstein, Gary Glitter, Kevin Spacey, Geldof, Pixie Geldof, Melvyn Bragg, Nigella Lawson)
ARNOLD HOUSE SCHOOL is linked to a paedophile ring; FRY has befriended the victim

Susie Sainsbury, wife of David (Labour Friends of Israel), was a director

Alum Hughie Green was abused. His daughter, Paula Yates, died after divorcing Geldof: her death was probed by Paul Knapman
So there it is.

A "Magical Fraternity" with links to organised paedophilia/child trafficking...and certain Intelligence Agencies.

➊ David Blaine
➋ David Copperfield
➌ Al Seckel (Isabel Maxwell)
➍ Uri Geller
➎ Lord Janner
➏ Lord Mountbatten
➐ Prince Charles
➑ Stephen Fry
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