how mewgulf chose each other to be their type & tharn — a thread of serendipity ✨
this will be based from this op's thread credits to all the rightful owners of these photos & videos 🙏 translations from @BurningJaei forever thankful 🥺💖
one day in january (20) 2019, op had the chance to see mew.

op: did you send an email for the tharntype casting?
m: i did krub ☺️
op: okay, i hope you make it through naa
mew made it to the casting but during the casting day, not everything went as planned as he didn't open his email so he totally forgot about it 🤦‍♀️ he was unsure if he would still push through but luckily the ttts team said there's still enough time 🥺
it was already afternoon when mew came so he decided to eat first & while waiting for the casting to begin, he was talking & taking photos with the fans but if you look at the lefthand side you can see a young man checking mew out from time to time 😌
talking about the young man #0064, mewlions saw him when they were surrounding mew to take photos. op was at the back and she saw gulf having his photos taken & she admitted that she was a bit shaken because of his good looks 😍
while it was mew's turn to cast, op went straight to gulf & talked to him 🤭

op: what is your name?
g: gulf krub ☺️
op: which character are you casting for?
g: type krub ☺️
op: can i have your IG?

gulf gave his acc, talked more & op wished him luck 🥺
after talking to gulf for a bit, p'mew came out from casting & op said it was very quick. at the end of this clip, he asked what's the name of nong no. 64 & op told him gulf's name and mew said this is the first time he heard the name "nong gulf" 🤧
when p'mew went to casting, some fans went to talk with nong gulf #64. the team has opened a waiting room for the finalists, mew went there while seriously keeping an eye on his fans he's being possesssive of his mewlions 😂
op said mew was really serious in guarding his fanclubs 😂

"okay kha! we can just look at nong gulf this far." MEWLIONS ARE THE CUTEST ISTG
during the casting, finalists keep on walking in and out of the room & during the talk, fans noticed mew's missing name tag & he said he can't remember where the name tag is but the truth is he left it to someone (fan) because it doesn't stick 😂
khun suppasit came to casting without actually knowing the casts 😂

m: which character is suitable for me?

tharn freshman student = ✔
type freshman srudent = ✔
p'san = op said it should be taller & the skin should be darker
when mew was preparing to cast as p'san, op had to brief him about san's character & mew was listening carefully because he doesn't know much about him 🥺
op also mentioned that mewlions keep on glancing at nong gulf #64 & as mew went to the side to practice, op heard the gentle blessing of nong gulf at the back like james chi's "good nose" meaning have a good test (for the role) 😳
D-1 of casting ended with this picture, when mew finished, he came to sit to talk to the fans & op said this photo was unintentional when she took it, it was destiny's work. nong gulf was "always" looking at p'mew because there were a lot of fans who came for him 😭
"Happy Children's Day"

fans came again for the casting story D2 of p'mew and op said she'll add another story of "giant little man 185" 🥺

p.s. that was the nickname given by mew to gulf during the children's day this year as they were replying to eo on IG ☺️
mew passed for the 2nd round for the role of san & tharn, there was a dress code: a white long sleeves polo & slightly open, he didn't prepare the 1st day but on the 2nd day, he was looking like the hottest guy in the university instead of looking like a freshman student 😳
p'mew started with the role of hia tharn & he has to act together with #64 😳 the scene was when type knew that tharn is gay & he will chase tharn out of the room but it was tharn who chased type out of the room instead SO CUTE THEY REALLY GOT CONFUSED 🥺
during D-2 of casting, op said she's very determined to continue teasing/talking to nong gulf, she said one picture is enough for now ☺️ they talked about yesterday's casting (D-1) and cheered for him again 🥰
op said on the 2nd day, mew didn't talk much while preparing for the casting. she said he was too focused with the roles given to him, both p'san and tharn. but the fan club has a gift for him so he still took a photo & played a little with them. ☺️
still on D-2, while waiting for the casting to start, they took a photo of the two while they were going around & enjoying themselves. there were only these two pictures. op said that time, no one has been chosen to be tharntype yet but mewlions already chose mewgulf 🥺🤧
mew told the fans about the roles of p'san & tharn for the role of hia tharn, he acted with nong gulf (the fans only knew abt it & they were already pairing the two before the actual audition scene 😭) the scene made gulf embarassed & blushed profusely 😳
during this time, mew already came to sit and talk to the fans. they asked him who did he like the most out of all the "Type" being paired with him and he replied maru and "nong gulf" 🥺👉👈
after casting, it's time to talk to nong gulf:

op: how was your day?
g: it was fun ☺️
op: how are the actors you acted with?
g: everyone is good,,,p'mew is good *looks at mew* 😳
op: who did you like to act with the most?
g: P'MEW ☺️

gulf really said everyone = p'mew 😌🤭
op: how is p'mew's acting?
g: phi is really good at acting,,,he's handsome too
op: can we take a photo of you and p'mew?
g: ok krub ☺️
op: let's go,,,p'mew can we take a photo of you and nong gulf?
m: ok krub ☺️

this was the one gulf mentioned where he extremely got shy 😭
before ending, op said for them (mewlions) and nong gulf, it should be destiny. there were a lot of guys who came but they were especially interested in gulf. she said they were so glad to meet him & always rooting for him from the first day they've met 🥺
op thanked mew for his perseverance & efforts tho he's sometimes stubborn & hard-headed, he will always realize it & improve himself 😭

"Thank you for always listening to our words & complaints. Don't be annoyed na. You know we love you right?" 🥺💘
in conclusion, tharntype the series was always meant to be for mewgulf, we don't get to decide here, fate does 🥰✨
someone made the video version of this aaaaa it's soooo nice 🥺😭💖
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