Liberals in Panic mode after eating popcorns & watching Muslin hatred from the balcony. They see the fire reaching their ivory towers. But I don’t see the Coward Psychopath change his anti Muslim policy, the man is obstinate, full of hatred & like Hitler will lead India to Doom
Number of Indians that may have soft corner for RSS & perhaps even dream of Akhand Bharat & Indian dominance are also pragmatic people & see that ground reality & the economic windfall is going to be devastating. They’re trying to meekly raise voice of caution but it won’t work.
Mudi and his Sidekick are out of hand. They have raised the stakes so high that it’s not possible for them to make a U turn on Hindutva. They’re headed towards a cliff and will lead the nation towards catastrophe. Some industrialist & Journalist are mumbling as they see bad omen
Lot of people like @rupasubramanya & late entry @tavleen_singh woke up to the fact that whole development posturing in 2014 was a brilliant hoax. Others could see that even then. And now more & more people are seeing the runaway train of Hindutva is headed towards a catastrophe
As far as my understanding of Mudi goes. He believes he’s born for a divine purpose & his meteoric rise has blessings of God. He’s master in PR & will remain in power but he also has desire to be remembered like Patel. In his quest for self glory he will commit audacious blunder
Stakes are also very high for Jain criminal. Losing power may very well mean going to prison & lot of old cases being reopened. He is still young & would not want too take chances. This fear will trigger & even self justify usurping & staying in power for a long time by any means
Future of Mudi & his sidekick. If you study fascism. They keep pushing the envelope & go on demonizing the minorities & make majority feel victimized in order to play their savior. That always culminates in a Genocide & War. This thread is a good example
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