The average H - no matter how many Shastraas he may stuff into his head- is an untermensch worse than an animal.

Fuckers, don't you think the Gulf chaps know they're taking a risk too? What happens when they decide it's not worth it anyway?
"Hindus should live like Dhimmis."

"Hindus shouldn't expect any return for their sacrifices."

"Hindus shouldn't expand outside India. Even Afghanistan is haraam."

"Hindus should be patient for 70 years."

"Hindus should go REEEE when they see anything off."

Fuck off!
What will happen is this.

You dolts will keep on quoting shaastra & flexing online because you have safe jobs & bigshot fathers inside India or the West.

They will LEAVE. This votebank you need for funding- because neither gibs nor WC can fund- will simply STOP participating.
It's not just about him. I'm sick of these sanctimonious pricks. One said losing Afghanistan was justified since they weren't real H anyway. WTF?

Same logic, even if not here then everywhere else. A gormint that doesn't protect it's people is no gormint.
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