All of us belong to Mother Earth. The Earth does not discriminate between races, color or languages.
It sustains all.


Herbs, vegetables, fruits, grains, all that is required for our life, is provided to us by the Earth, abundantly.

A selfless provider.

The oceans,the mountains,the lush green forests,the deserts,the rivers, it's the Earth that holds them all.

We enjoy them as our birthright. And what do we do in return? Exploit the earth. Destroy the environment. Burden it with endless weight of our so called civilization.

Increasing number of skyscrapers, so much burning of fossil fuels, mad industrialization, cutting down of trees, filling the air with poison that comes out as waste.

Polluting the rivers, orchestrating genocides, filling the coffers of the few, and depriving the masses.

#Nature protests with earthquakes and floods, famines and pandemics, but we carry on with our minds obsessed with greed and desire for power.

It's high time we wake up, seek forgiveness of the earth, rebuild what has been destroyed, refuse to destroy anymore, go down on our knees and kiss the earth and hold hands to restore its glory.

Let's resolve to do so today,on Earth Day,so that the future generations continue to enjoy the fragrance of the earth as the raindrops fall on it, the peacocks dance once again in evergreen forests,where the squirrels chirp without fear and the birds twitter in joyous unison.
I bow down before Mother Earth with utter humility.



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