We chose to emigrate to Canada.

I worked multiple jobs concurrently to get highly educated.

I have the privilege of educating University students.

Many now in Gov't, Law and Medicine.

That's a snippet of my contribution to Canada.

Yet to you, I'm a "F-cking Immigrant"?
You have absolutely no conception of how difficult it is to move to a new land, meet new people and learn new customs.

Immigrants are the backbone of this country.

And the more educated and upwardly mobile they are, the more they can contribute to Canada.
But your insane jealously and bitterness (a consequence of your sheer laziness and sense of entitlement) makes you lash out.

You try to belittle, marginalize, humiliate and dehumanize.

Yes that is how you approach immigrants to Canada.

Does that make you feel big?
So, to those of you that see colour/race/religion etc first, I just have a few choice words for you:

Your time is done. You're merely existing on the fumes of history.

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