So here's my story:
I purchased GamePass as soon as it was available in 2013 because I wanted to know what was going on in the secondary. Basically, how did the game work? The landscape was different and not many people were doing that, especially Packers people.
So I started watching the film. Just go with the previous game and watch each play dozens of times, watching each piece. I knew nothing about terminology. Didn't read much film stuff & never coached. Just curious. So I watched. Over and over.
I did this on an iPad and just took screenshots. 15+ screenshots per play to really see what was happening. I never intended to write: I was just curious.
Eventually I thought that, if I were curious, other people would be, too.
So I started throwing thoughts on a blog I started with a good friend of mine. It got some traction & I enjoyed doing it, so I reached out to some sites. Got picked up by one, and just went from there.
I didn't start out with passing concepts. I looked at everything. Not particularly well, but I just looked at whatever interested me. "Why did that interception happen? How did that 28 yard run come to be?" I'd take notes during games, look at 30+ every week and write about 12.
I pivoted to passing concepts because the landscape shifted. Suddenly A TON of people were doing film stuff. And that's great, but I felt like I was just doing what everyone else was doing, only not as well. I came very close to just quitting.
That friend I created a blog with? He got a job in sports & I talked to him about it. "Find a lane," he told me. "Find an angle no one else is doing & just do that." So simple. I always loved the passing game, so that was my angle.
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