Okay so since I decided to work abroad in japan I have took it upon myself to dedicate 100% of my useable time to learn Japanese and become somewhat conversational before I actually start living there. So I’m gonna document how I’m going about learning.
So I’m starting out with learning basic phrases on index cards, quiz myself and stuff. I’m also simultaneously learning to read and write hiragana in the process of making these cards and it’s really helpful.
So the card have hiragana and romanji in the front and in the back I wrote the English description. And if you noticed I made little notes to emphasis annunciation and pronunciation.
I then started putting sticky notes on literally every item I can think of with Hiragana and romanji so every time i look at the said item I can always remember what it’s called lmao
In that case since it’s a foreign word katakana too but so that’s my goal right now learning objects and phrase and alphabet, then I feel confident I will move to numbers and colors.
I lied kanji not katakana I’m still learning clearly lmao
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