Hey america this is what you need to know.if you have not figure it out you are behind the 8 ball.trump con america with maga.coded for make america white again.trump divided america with racist hatred.
He ask all those racist white men to join in with him trump racist good old boys club.trump want to control all 3 branches of government .then he control all.there no check and balance.he want to turn america into white nationalist america .white supremacy.GOD said he
Want america to be a blessing to other countries.trump say no hes not doing it GODs way.he will put america first.GOD will punish trump but trump is steal GODs praise.trump always stealing GODs praise he look for praise from men.trump telling america to go out spread virus hoping
It take out ppl of color..trump want a all white america white men only.thats why so many ppl jump on his bandwagon and follow up his bullshit.they hoping trump keep white privilege alive .so many ppl see and hear all of trump lies but they sell their soul to follow trump.ask
Your self how many ppl know right from wrong but close a blind eyes to trump .say hes right when they know hes wrong.but there is a GOD .GOD said he made the races and it was good.if its good for GOD it should be good for you and http://trump.you  cant walk with GOD with tr
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