A krbk SFW Animal Crossing AU no one asked for (except @/lore_shark asked for it rly)

CW: a shit ton of ACNH terminology, Bakugou swearing in a kids game setting, tarantulas

The sound of footfall on the wooden planks of the airport pier pull Kirishima from his task; looking up from his Pockets after checking once again that he has all the necessary tools for his trip.

“Uh, you’re not Wilbur?”
Striding up to him and the seaplane next to him is a blond man. Not a portly Dodo bird in aviator sunglasses. He wears the DAL pilot attire but his shirt is untucked, his tie still hanging loose and unknoted across his shoulders.
“No, I’m not. And I’m not going to put up with stupid antics like he does. Lets go.”

Kirishima scrambles to climb into the plane after the blond as he questions, “What happened to him? Who are you?”
“I’m Bakugou and the dumbass bird broke his non-functional wing in a vaulting pole accident. You done with the questions so I can take you to this damn island already?”
Kirishima nods and sits back as the plane glides across the ocean water until it lifts off. Kirishima watches from the window as his island becomes a dot in a mass of blue-green.
This time his flight isn’t full of Wilbur’s twangy voice regaling him of his adventures as a pilot in his early days. Many of them were repeated tales but he suddenly misses them. Bakugou flies in silence; says as much when Kirishima attempts to make conversation.
The landing is smooth, even with the darkness that descended during the flight. Kirishima’s pleased. He’d planned accordingly.
“Alright, Shitty Hair. Don’t be stupid. Don’t leave anything behind you don’t want to lose because we ain’t coming back here. Same old shtick you get every time.” Bakugou leans against the plane with an absent wave of his hand.
“I got tools that you shouldn’t need because you shouldn’t have been stupid enough to come here without backup ones.”

“Yep!” Kirishima pats his Pockets with a grin. “I’m good.”
All he gets is a grunt in return. Bakugou already has his NookPhone out.

When Kirishima strides off the pier onto the island to get a proper look at the locale he’s been brought to, he smiles to himself.

Tarantula Island.

He reaches into his Pockets to pull out his first bug net. The star net is his favourite and he customised it red to go with the colour of his spiked hair.
With a quick hop across the small stream, Kirishima begins to carefully pull up weeds as he walks the outside edge of the octagonal ground counter clockwise.

He hears the first hiss before he sees it, half hidden by the rock up ahead of him a few paces.
Kirishima poises his net over his shoulder and slows his steps to a near crawl, red eyes trained on the tarantula rearing its front legs up at him in warning.
He freezes each time the legs fly up, waiting the arachnid out until it settles back down before scooting closer and pausing again the next time the tarantula starts flailing its front legs in the air. It’s almost like a dance; a heart-pounding dangerous dance.
When he’s nearly on top of the critter, he swings.

Kirishima’s net is heavy with his rich prize.
With a soft cheer of victory, he holds the tarantula up under the moonlight for a moment before chucking it into a critter cage and letting the mystery of his Pockets take his catch into the safety of his jeans.
As he reaches down to start pulling up more weeds Kirishima has to wonder if Tom Nook has the Pockets patented. Maybe that’s how he’s able to fund his home ventures, was able to afford to offer island escapes to thousands of people like himself looking to escape gridlock life.
Kirishima’s preoccupation makes him slow to register the telltale sound of hissing. His reflexes are delayed in swinging blindly at the critter skittering at a mad pace toward him.
His last thought as the spider’s venom chases away his sight and consciousness is whether or not Bakugou will be as helpful as Wilbur always has been in situations like this.

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“Fuckin’ hell. Not even ten minutes on the island and already got bit. Yo, Orville!”

Kirishima can’t move but he knows he’s alive at least. Bakugou’s too loud and abrasive to be an angel come to take him to the beyond.
“This is /Dodo Tower/. Go ahead /Dodo One/.”

“Jesus Christ, to hell with the stupid names. I got code red on this Kirishima guy from Red Riot Island or whatever. Anti-venom given but he isn’t coming to. You sure this shit is legit?”
There’s a reply from the radio but Kirishima does hear it over Bakugou’s own words. “Can’t believe—first attractive islander I’ve found out here and he’s a whole ass fool about to die on me. /Fuck/ my luck. Fucking anti-venom s’posed to work /every time/.”
Oh he can feel his fingers. Kirishima wiggles them and then tries to open his eyes. They peel open with some effort but he’s able to see the starry sky above. He lets out a groan.
“Oh, your alive dumbass?” A blond head suddenly fills his vision. Kirishima silently admits it's a better sight after near-death than a giant dodo beak. Even twisted in angry concern, Bakugou’s got a good looking face. And he also thinks he’s attractive.
With another groan, Kirishima pushes himself up into a seated position.

“Cancel the code red, O.” Bakugou narrows his gaze at his charge as he adds, “The idiot lives to see another day.”
“Tower! I’m Dodo /Tower/!” Orville whines back through the static of the radio connection. “Come on, Bakugou. It’s more fun when you use the code names.”

Kirishima nods. “He’s right you know.”
“Oh shut /up/.” Bakugou pushes to his feet as Kirishima does the same. “You don’t get a vote anyway. Too stupid to catch a spider without nearly dying. Risking your neck for some measly bells.”
“This island is a gold mine!” Kirishima pauses before adding, “Well, not an actual gold mine. That’d be awesome if it was. But I have house loans to pay off! 8k bells for one tarantula—12 if I can catch Flick. I need a solid haul of these bad boys.”
“Whatever,” Bakugou scoffs as he returns to his previous spot next to the seaplane. “Your funeral. Don’t expect me to save your ass every time one of those ankle biters gets you.”
Kirishima highly doubts it but decided not to comment. He wants to savour the fact that this cranky pilot thinks he’s attractive while he can.

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