The Senate intelligence committee release a report today supporting the intelligence community that the Russians was trying to help @realDonaldTrump.
. @DevinNunes doesn’t know how the Senate did the report but he firmly stands behind the report done in the house. One of their criminal referrals hey sent to the department of justice over a year ago involves that intelligence community assessment.
. @DevinNunes says the house Republicans it’s continuing their investigation. Plus we got the John Durham investigation and a prosecutor in Missouri looking at the Mueller investigation. We also need an investigation to find out why all of these things was classified so long.
. @DevinNunes says the Mueller dossier was full of lies and omissions and they’re making criminal referrals on that too.
. @DevinNunes doesn’t understand why so many of his colleagues does interviews with these #FakeNews reporters. It’s like going to the @DNC Front door and letting them do the interview.
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