Oh I’m ready to do this because I’ve been chomping at the bit but I had to run no less than 17 conflict checks because there’s a thing called integrity & not crossing my work & twitter streams. Imagine that.
Let’s DO THIS https://twitter.com/Lee_in_Iowa/status/1252754217904857088
Dear @jalexanders

Did you really need that:
$15,000,000.00 PPP BAILOUT?
Greedy robber Barrons

J. Alexander’s snags $15M in PPP loans https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/retail/article/21129056/j-alexanders-snags-15m-in-ppp-loans
Dear @shakeshack y’all are good in my book

Shake Shack Inc. $10,000,000 (Returning the money) no seriously y’all are good in my book

THANK YOU. https://twitter.com/shakeshack/status/1252089354257862662?s=20
Dear @kurasushi_usa
Let me get this straight, you temporarily closed your massive footprint of sushi restaurants but you received
$6,000,000.00 in PPP
Hells you even pissed off NFIB - that takes talent

https://www.nfib.com/content/press-release/economy/80-of-ppp-applicants-are-still-urgently-waiting-for-financial-assistance/ https://twitter.com/kurasushi_usa/status/1240797434059476992?s=20
NFIB is probably one of the best restaurant associations
They conducted a survey and their findings are deeply problematic for @SBAgov
It wouldn’t shock me that @SBAOIG launches an investigation
NFIB Survey👇🏻read it👇🏻
How can you help your local restaurants?
Order To Go or Delivery
There’s an Afghani restaurant near me. We could go to Moby Dicks
We purposefully made the decision to buy 2-3 dinners a week from our local restaurants, not chain stores but small mom & pop restaurants
Be the change
Our favorite Chinese restaurant temporarily closed. I have the owners cell phone.
3 weeks ago I called to check in
Their kids have grown up w’ mine
He explained he closed bc for the 1st time he was scared. He told me he feels targeted.
I asked him if I could buy gift cards...
He seemed surprised but was upfront and said if I buy them his business might not reopen.
I told him “PUT IT ON MY CARD NOW” - the next day his wife dropped off a bag full of homemade Chinese food and my goodness it was delicious.
We can all make a difference if you can buy LOCAL
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