There’s a dial-in #yyj police board meeting starting at 5pm. A first, and it only took a pandemic. 1-877-234-4610 (6286867) if you want to listen in. I’ll live tweet on this thread when it starts. #vicpdboard
There was supposed to be a joint Esquimalt-Victoria councils + police board meeting in March, which was cancelled. Agenda for today’s meeting is online here:
Some carry-over content from the cancelled March meeting. An email from a member of the public asking VicPD to develop a policy on the use of facial recognition technology.
The agenda says Manak finished his “Master of Arts in Terrorism, Risk & Security Studies.” Other alumni include Gary Lenz.
The police board and/or VicPD are withdrawing from the Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association. I’m not sure what that’s about. Withdrawal is set for December 10, 2020; the police board had asked for July.
Evan Southern, a member of VicPD’s police board, has been elected vice president of the BC Association of Police Boards where I’m sure he will continue to advance the VicPD board’s request to have mayors not automatically serve as board chairs.
The in camera agenda includes a discussion of police stops (street checks).
A whole lot of "announcing participant"s so far.
"because we may have members of the public on the line," opening with a land acknowledgment. Presumably then there are no land acknowledgments if the public isn't present.
Manak providing an update. Talking about response to COVID-19. Says they're providing PPE to officers and cleaning vehicles and jail "throughout the day." Have their own medical director. Adjusted responses to "limit interaction" with public, encouraging phone/online reporting.
Looking to medical health officer to inform about risks of "community spread" and risks to officers. Also looking at "psychological impacts" to officers; says virus is "invisible."
Manak refers to Topaz Park sheltering as "Tent City"; Helps says "don't call it Tent City"; says she was "mostly teasing."
Manak says "there is a level of fear" in community. Talks about "instability of the Topaz Park area"; says people "are arming themselves." I think he was referring to people sheltering. Says VicPD will be going to City so seek funding for additional officers - are you shitting me
Manak never misses a chance to ask for more $$$. Too many protests! Pandemic! COVID-19 is a great opportunity to cut police funding and reorient to where it's needed.
"Special duty deployment" of two members dedicated to Topaz area and park; "high visibility" and "crime deterrents." Deputy chief Layton: "keeping pace with other police agencies."
Manak: says additional costs to purchase PPE, and more janitorial costs. Staff: paying for an extra janitor; cleaning vehicles off-site; one-time costs to sanitize pooled equipment ($46,000 I believe); $50,000 in one-time capital costs; $25,000 in ongoing monthly costs.
Manak: "any changes we made because of COVID, we made with the best of intentions." Are going to look at any "efficiencies" that they could continue; "does our public support more online reporting"; "resolve more calls through alternate response"?
Helps: Apologizes for interrupting; says "I really am sensitive to the fact that Topaz Park was set up for better or worse" on doctor's recommendations. "Topaz Park was always meant to be temporary." No q from Helps about VicPD request for $, which seems odd from board chair.
Evan: Wondering if protective measure costs can be submitted to the government. Staff: "have submitted for everything"; "a number of them did not get approved." Brian: "citations of valour" to officers who have worked "at great personal risk to themselves."
Patti: says officers are "as important as health care workers" during this crisis. No they're not.
Manak: $ request went to Board last night; on agenda at council this week. "cannot do it with existing resources." Says it's about "public safety." Hey @ben_isitt @JeremyLoveday @SarahPottsH @deardubow — don't approve another police request for $. Police/policing not essential.
BC Association of Police Boards update. Evan: conference hosted at Oak Bay hotel. Members all passing on opportunity to provide engagement updates.
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