Okay, #WritingCommunity twitter, I need help. I'm releasing the first in a series soon, a Mesopotamian fantasy story about a poor-gravedigger-turned-queen-of-the-underworld. I'd planned to call it Queen of Irkalla, but 'irkalla' isn't something most readers know about/can spell.
It's a real word, but an unfamiliar one. I'd used that to justify keeping it, but I've come to accept that title may make me lose sales. I'd considered 'Queen of Bones', but there are already multiple books by that name, at least 4. Some of the same genre.
I'm unsure what to name it. The other titles in the series are Consort of War, Lord of Blight, and Mother of Chaos, so I want to stick with that 'X of X' theme.
I've run through many options but nothing feels right. Queen of Graves? Queen of Rites? Or is Queen of Irkalla ok?
Suggestions? I'm feeling a bit lost here!
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