Here's how #edreform trolls bully teachers and parents. In July 2019, a teacher tweeted to let new teachers know they'd have to advocate for resources. In Oct., Cato Institute & Reason Fdn's Corey DeAngelis RTed it with a dog whistle: "Indoctrination in our schools" /1
Round 1. 127 mostly anonymous accounts piled on with comments like "Christ, dude had absolutely no business being in a classroom." or "It has always been indoctrination. What exactly is a curriculum? Convince me: I'm all ears" DeAngelis' followers are just getting warmed up. /2
Round 2. DeAngelis' followers took it down a few notches. One with 8K followers RTed the original. More abuse "You so much more polite than myself. I would tell him [obscene comment redacted]" and threats "I'd like to have a conversation...while i teach him a few things..." /3
Teacher wisely blocked DeAngelis, who posted a screen shot, saying "He doesn't like talking to people who don't agree with him." Actually, he was protecting himself from lies, #harassment, and threats. DeAngelis rewarded his helper... /4
DeAngelis' Cato colleagues, civil ones, claim not to know this is happening. It's happening. Their billionaire-funded #edreform colleagues stand by & enable. If you still believe the #schoolchoice movement is all about kids, I got a bridge to sell you. ⬇️ /5
It's been 6 months since this incident. It's not the only example, but it's representative. To #edreform groups, I suggest you get your own house in order before shaming & blaming public school advocates. No more #cyberbullying. /7
More background on Cato Institute/Reason Foundation's Corey DeAngelis' interest in the extreme right (appears it's mutual) on @robocallerzzzzt's thread. If you're attacked and need help, tag @robocallerzzzzt. No one better.
Who are the enablers in the #schoolchoice movement? Several stand out, like Jason Bedrick at EdChoice, collecting blocks like baseball cards.
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