why in my version of 7th season of community, abed nadir went on as production assistant for none other than @nbcbrooklyn99
first, both community and Brooklyn 99 are set in the same universe and I am totally deducing this based on the sole reason that both shows have the potato chips “let’s”
second, jake’s saying “cool, cool, cool” was totally abed’s catch phrase years before it was his
see above tweet
third, did y'all know that the brooklyn 99 theme song was in community? in my season 7, abed liked britta's rap and kept the song for himself and suggested to the brooklyn 99 director to use it as the theme song for the show
i know the timelines don't match up, considering that brooklyn 99 started in 2013 and community didn't finish until 2015, but this is my season 7 and abed said it could be whatever i wanted, so i'm going with this.
it only makes sense that abed went on to make such a great television show (b99). he was constantly talking about this during his time at greendale. this is canon for me so no one disprove it bc in my mind, this is exactly how it went down. END THREAD.
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