So y'all can tune in for some more hot takes, this time from @RandPaul:

"We can contain this disease without continuing the draconian lockdown of our economy... Reopening the economy requires Americans to rise above partisanship."

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"Had we practiced responsible budgeting in the past, we would have been better prepared to weather this storm... The job losses will continue no matter how much money you throw at it, until we reopen our economy."

Thank you, @RandPaul!

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More members should be unafraid to speak truth no matter how unpopular it may make them. Take a page from @RandPaul's book:

"Make no mistake, this crisis has been made far worse by government... Our recovery only comes when the quarantine ends."

#ReopenAmerica #COVIDー19 #ampFW
"My hope is that across the country, there will remain a vibrant voice for limited government, for our Constitution... Let's think before we jump to a terrible, terrible conclusion."

We are with you, @RandPaul. Live to fight another day!

#ReopenAmerica #COVIDー19 #ampFW
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