The US has the highest number of #COVID19 cases globally.

So instead of:

ℹ️Providing accurate information to the public.
😷Ensuring frontline workers have access to PPE.
🏥Mass producing ventilators.
🔬Scaling up testing.

The president announced an #ImmigrationBan

Because when the administration mishandles a crisis, immigrants become the scapegoat.

Racism, xenophobia & misinformation are used to enact anti-immigrant policies.

The impact? Immigrants disappear from their communities, families get separated & ppl die in detention centers.
All while the real crisis is left unaddressed.

There is 0 public health rationale for an #ImmigrationBan—especially b/c immigrants are crucial to the nation’s response to the pandemic.

Immigrants are disproportionately in frontline jobs at hospitals, grocery stores & farms.
Right now, many of the low wage workers cooking our takeout & picking our food are immigrants.

DACA recipients are saving lives as nurses & doctors & immigrant janitors are keeping our hospitals clean.

All while being blamed for a crisis they did not create.
This is just the next in a history of attacks by the administration on immigrants— from #MPP #MuslimBan #FamilySeparation & more.

1 mo. ago, 10,000 asylum seekers were deported without due process, including ppl with #COVID19— worsening the crisis countries like Guatemala.
The administration takes a mile, b/c they know it forces us to fight back for inches.

To them, immigrants are just a ploy to be used to distract from their incompetence.

We won't let this happen. This fight is never easy. But we're not giving up now. We’re ready. #DontLookAway
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