This tweet reminded me why I'm back on Twitter so here goes:

A few days ago I watched @MJInnocent2020 latest YT video & it shook me to my core. The thought of babies being born w/o birth certificates so they could be sacrificed & pedophiles "adopting"
children tore my soul. Haven't stopped crying or been able to sleep since. I can't knowing this is happening!

I tentatively looked into it and uncovered things which can never be unseen or unknown.💔😭😭 I feel like Alice falling down a rabbit hole unsure how deep
it goes or what I will find.

Working w/ human trafficking victims and CSA survivors, I'm familiar w/ the ugliness of a world no child should ever experience but now there's a new arena I'm being called to & one I hoped I'd never have to deal with; pedophiles and human
sacrifice. This is NOT a journey I want to take but one I feel God is calling me to and I'm scared. I am embarking in dark, ugly uncharted waters here. 😬
So why I'm a sharing this? Because 1) to ask for prayer please. In my heart, I know this journey will lead me to areas my heart and mind will probably never come back from & may even end of my life. Any time light shines in the darkness the possibility of the darkness
extinguishing the light becomes a reality. This is scary as all get out! Please pray! 🙏🙏🙏 (Btw been trying to post this thread since 11 am & have had all kinds of issues. 😬)

And 2) to implore you to get involved. Whatever your gifts or talents are use them
to be the change this world needs. This is what #MichaelJackson did. He understood he himself wasn't anyone special but Michael Jackson the artist could bring joy and happiness to children. He used his gifts to reach out to those who were hurting & suffering.
My prayer is you follow his lead & do the same. It may feel like one drop of water in the ocean doesn't matter but to the person, or in this case the baby, who NEEDS that one drop, it matters. 🙏❤️
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