Welcome to: Sexual Harassment in Housing, a Twitter Chat hosted by @Natfairhouse, @NWLC, and @NAACP_LDF. We’re also joined by Actress @SuzzanneDouglas. Thank you for joining this important conversation. Use #FairHousingMonth to follow along and post your questions.
Q1: To get the conversation started, let’s first break down what sexual harassment is and if it is illegal. #FairHousingMonth
Q2: How prevalent is the problem of sexual harassment in housing and are all incidents being reported or are the reports we see just the tip of the iceberg? #FairHousingMonth
Q3: What can people do if they are experiencing sexual harassment? #FairHousingMonth
Q4: What resources exist to help survivors of sexual harassment cope with their experience? #FairHousingMonth
Q5: Does sexual harassment in housing only affect women? #FairHousingMonth
Q6: What are the effects of sexual harassment on people who experience it? #FairHousingMonth
Q7: Why don't people report acts of sexual harassment? #FairHousingMonth
Q8: Just a few years ago, there was a historic settlement of a sexual harassment in housing case against @bmorehabc. What happened in that case? #FairHousingMonth
Q9: Are people particularly vulnerable to acts of sexual harassment during the #COVID-19 pandemic? #FairHousingMonth
Q10: What role do fair housing agencies play in helping survivors of sexual harassment? #FairHousingMonth
Q11: In order to make sure we have addressed all of your concerns please tweet us any other questions you may have. #FairHousingMonth
Thank you to @FGossGraves, @JNelsonLDF, @SuzzanneDouglas, and all of you for joining us today to talk about how we can combat sexual harassment in housing. #FairHousingMonth
For more information on this topic, listen to this moving podcast with @suzzannedouglas and survivors of #SexualHarassment http://safeathome.buzzsprout.com/ .
You can also find additional resources at https://bit.ly/3eyzWYi .
or watch this informative video about sexual harassment in housing:
Keep an eye on #FairHousingMonth throughout April as we share more stories and resources to build safer, stronger communities. Stay safe and healthy.
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