Hi @axelspringer_EN, your content bot has claimed our most recent video as copyright content because we used material provided by Tesla for use by the media.

It means YOU are claiming OUR content as your own. And you’re getting our Ad Revenue.

It’s not your content.
We wouldn’t mind… but we’re a small YouTube company with 110k subscribers. And our ad revenue is essential to our continued growth. We’ve tried in the past to contact you with no success. This isn’t the first time we’ve had this happen.

And frankly, we’ve had enough.
So how about it? Help us small guys out? The video being claimed is a section using Tesla’s media Model 3 showreel (which you can find at https://www.tesla.com/presskit 
This video is proving very popular among our fans, which means that it’ll earn a decent income. But you’re going to get it for all our hard work because your system is calming Tesla B-Roll as your own.

Also @ytcreators how about helping us out? We’re fed up with this system.
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