thread of seventeen outrightly supporting lgbt (and feminist movements) because some People want to be home of phobic and act stupid <3
seungcheol wearing two pieces from balenciaga showing support for lgbt (jacket + shirt)
vernon's entire fit basically being from nike/burberry pride collections and him doing it on pride day too
minghao wearing a shirt from burberry's pride line
vernon's response after a carat told him that there are many carats part of lgbt.. yes what he said was simple but it was still something important and holds value for many people that are part of the community
seungcheol after seeing a gay flag
a lot of carats want to say that when seventeen are wearing these things advocating lgbt pride its an accident and theyre not acc supporting it but its becoming sort of a tired argument like???? u think vernon didnt know what he was doing stepping out in that fit on PRIDE DAY????
some of the members (jeonghan, vernon, dino, scoups) wearing i marymond you shirts which are to show support for the victims of sexual slavery during ww2
chan reading a book about feminism and wlw
wonwoo wearing a bracelet showing support for comfort women (women who were forced into sexual slavery during ww2)
end thread u r all fools if u think these are all accidents or coincidences or if they didnt mean what they were showing support for . Seventeen feminists and support the gays
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