Since the Obama's are trying to lynch themselves to Biden for another run at the White House, I'm going to show you the REAL Barrack Hussein Obama.
Meet Obama's mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. He's a known Journalist, communist, poet, who's written anti- american pieces and is a supporter of Russia. Obama mentions him in several speeches as his mentor and also confirms it in his autobiography called Dreams from my father.
The FBI kept tabs on Frank Marshall Davis for 19 years, and have 601 file on him. The FBI labeled him Section A which means he would be arrested right away if a war was ever declared against Russia. Here is his FBI File.
Many suspect that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama's real father. Now I will not confirm this true or fake but I will provide content as to why they believe this. Frank Marshall Davis book "Sex Rebellion" talks about having sexual relations with an underage girl named "Ann"....
Obama's mother's name is also "Ann". Frank Marshall Davis is known for photographing nude women and he has nude photographs of Obama's mother, posing on his couch in Hawaii, surrounded by two of his Jazz albums. He's done multiple interviews with the same couch and history....
And History, and record shows Frank Marshall Davis and "Ann" we're living in Hawaii at the same time. I will not add the photos to this thread but you can search and find her photos. It is speculated, and backed up by evidence that Obama's grandfather, worked for the CIA and..
Now let's go to Obama's social security number. His SSN is traced to Connecticut, which he has no ties to. And to this day there is no strong argument as to why his SSN is traced to Connecticut.
Obama attended Muslim school in Indonesia as a child and by Indonesian law that would make his a muslim.
He funded Obama's campaigns, and after Obama won, he rewarded Rezko with contracts on housing projects which Rezko abandoned. Obama is recorded on multiple interviews confirming his relationship with Rezko.
Obama claimed to write his autobiography "Dreams from my real father" but Bill Ayers refutes those claims, and says he wrote the book. Ayers is also an author and has written several books and edited numerous others.
Whether this is true or not needs more evidence but it's worth noting and reading this article which claims Obama's birth Certificate examined under 800X suggests it's been altered.
So we know Obama's mentor was a radical communist. We know one of his close friends was a radical communist. He rewarded a slumlord who funded his campaigns. His pastors views on America should raise flags. There's more to this story, do your research and connect the dots.
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