okay so maybe i’m just over analyzing but when ricky says “i’m just trying to make the best out of a bad situation” i can’t help but think that there’s more to the situation than just the fact that he’s playing-
-the leads with nini. also, since this is basically what he wanted to happen, why would he call it a “bad situation”. this line for me solidifies the fact that i think ricky & ej have some type of past, like maybe a friendship, but then something went wrong. it could also-
-explain why ricky is really upset by the fact that ej of all people is nini’s new bf. and how when red is listing off all the things ej does in the cafeteria, he says “i know.” in the bathroom scene, it just seems like he cares too much about ej from how he was letting on-
-before. i also wanna mention how ricky wasn’t acting like ej’s best friend at all, but ej still mentions it in the bathroom scene. i mean, if hitting someone in the face w a basketball and trying to steal their gf is what a friendship looks like to ej, then boy he deserves-
-better. in conclusion, if it turns out ricky and ej don’t have any kind of past, imma be real sad. okay thank you for coming to my ted talk.
just a bit of a counter, i guess you could argue that ricky didn’t want to go for the lead, just wanted to be in the ensemble so he could be around nini, but the whole reason he auditioned to begin with was because of the instagram that claimed nini and ej would be troyella.
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