I've been using my indoor activity time to catch-up on my favorite #AnimalStudies & #AnimalAdvocacy podcasts, and I've discovered some new ones, so I thought I'd share my recommendations. Some videos you can listen as podcasts too. #thread!
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. @animaljustice interviewed Dr Kendra Coulter, whose work at the intersection of labor and animals I find fascinating! https://twitter.com/DrKendraCoulter/status/1251534138412277762
I obviously recommend listening to the truly amazing @_CarolJAdams, who talked about the many things listed below but also about her experience as an activist and a scholar, something that particularly resonates with my own journey. https://twitter.com/BloomsburyAcad/status/1248241757344731138
I'm still catching up on the #AnimalLaw podcast, and started with the most recent episode. I am a member of the flock so very biased but really, I can't recommend this podcast enough! https://twitter.com/ourhenhouse/status/1247177278494310401
. @marisul also interviewed @jeffrsebo on @ourhenhouse podcast. I found the bit on the moral obligations we humans owe to wild animals "in a world where the impacts of human activities are pervasive" particularly enlightening. https://twitter.com/ourhenhouse/status/1246485652314763271
Some updates from @CALSAnimalLaw (I found out about CALS Youtube channel just last week!)đź“ş: https://twitter.com/CALSAnimalLaw/status/1250882445257383937
The Oxford Centre for #AnimalEthics postponed this year's Summer School. I couldn't wait that long to hear @DelciannaW talking about "protecting animals in an era of deregulation," so I listened to the talk Delci gave at @AnimalLawHLS earlier this year: https://twitter.com/DelciannaW/status/1233087471597965312
I also tapped into more #TigerKing expert knowledge, by @carney__anne: https://twitter.com/carney__anne/status/1242879405283840002
I listened to @Lewis_Bollard's insights on effective #AnimalAdvocacy, which always come in handy in my work as a lobbyist for farmed animals! https://twitter.com/Effect_Altruism/status/1227688415858167810
I've been overwhelmed with so much information on animals and #COVID19 lately and often didn't know what to make of it as a non-scientist. @soniashah really helped me gain a good understanding of the interplay between humans, animals, and pathogens. https://twitter.com/yaleanimals/status/1248249556552253440
Also added to my queue: @leah_garces on the @richroll podcast: https://twitter.com/MercyForAnimals/status/1247569827402780673
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