This happened to a friend working in a media organisation. The patient was kept in ICU for 4 days. One tests after another was conducted on her. When she was in ICU, she developed fever etc. The family was not informed about it. 1/6
The patient informed the family that she was shivering & had fever. When asked the doctors, they say that everything can't be informed to the family. Instead of talking to her husband, hospital authorities call her father in law to enquire about insurance details 2/6
Inform the FIL that they have to pay 1.3 lakh rupees on Monday evening. Dissatisfied with the treatment & lack of response. The family decides to move the patient to another hospital this evening. Overnight the hospital says they have to pay 2.3 lakhs & submits a long bill. 3/6
When asked how come the bill shot upto 2.3 lakhs from 1.3 lakhs in a matter of 8-10 hours. They come up with several reasons & said that a lot of investigation was carried out in finding out the reason behind the illness. 2.3 lakhs paid & the patient was yet to recover. 4/6
After settling the bill my friends asks if he can have an ambulance to move the patient to another hospital. They authorities say you have to pay ₹1000 extra. My friend says he paid 2.3 lakhs for nothing & he can afford to pay another ₹1000. Hosp decided to give it for free.5/6
The patient was shifted to another hospital.The hospital authorities ask for feedback - Here it is -this is the last hospital any person should visit even if you have any issues. Because they are just so bad. Guess what even during lockdown they charge ₹30 for 2 hour parking.6/6
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