Back in 2004 the @WHO @FAO and the @OIEAnimalHealth published a joint consultation on emerging zoonotic disease. #COVID19 fits that classification and there's something I have felt troubled by from this report that I think is extremely relevant to #coronavirus.
This paragraph (found on page 9) indicates factors which could lead to zoonotic disease. The most interesting part, to me, was the reference to increase in demand for human consumption of animal protein. I decided to do some further research...
Since 2000 we have seen SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Ebola and now #COVIDー19. That's 5 new infectious diseases in just 20 years!
Until #coronavirus struck we were relatively lucky. Many Governments became complacent as a result. And, as we have tragically come to find out through #COVID19, their woeful lack of planning and preparedness for a pandemic situation has undoubtedly led to more people dying.
It's appalling that so many governments haven't been better prepared to tackle #COVID19. And, surely, it cannot just be a coincidence that as global populations continue to rise, and as people consume more and more animal products, zoonotic diseases are becoming more prevalent?
So why then have people heard so little from their governments about the link between the demand for animal products and infectious diseases and how they plan to address this going forward? Especially when more and more of us are choosing to consume animal products.
The @WHO @FAO & @OIEAnimalHealth report makes it clear that an increasing demand for animal protein can be a factor in the spread of zoonotic diseases. The increase in demand we have seen over a substantial period of time now is a global one and it's only getting bigger.
Yes, China's food hygiene and animal welfare standards are a disgrace, a disgrace with a deadly cost. The Chinese government deserve condemnation for any actions which led to #coronavirus. And it's right that there's pressure for all wet markets to be banned.
But, other countries mustn't become complacent again. They mustn't assume such a devastating outbreak like #COVID19 could not occur on their own soil just because their own standards and practices are better and far more vigorous.
In the UK alone over 1 BILLION animals are slaughtered every year. This is a staggering number. This site provides facts about the situation of farming in the UK. Each fact provided gives a link so you can verify the source if you want further information. 
I'm not even sure if anyone will actually fully read this thread, or take it seriously, but I would also encourage anyone to check out @Kip_Andersen's thought provoking documentaries on Netflix- What the Health and Cowspiracy.
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