2/ @ericbolling claimed the "debate over" and that hydroxychloroquine was clearly a cure. He accused the "mainstream media" of not asking questions -- and speculated that Boris Johnson's recovery was related to the drug.
3/ @IngrahamAngle repeatedly touted the drug, said one patient who took it was "Lazarus."
4/ @mitchellvii with a few gems of his own, claiming 100% success rate in curing people with hydroxychloroquine.
5/ @BarnettforAZ, a Congressional candidate, accused liberals of "Trump derangement syndrome" for questioning the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine.
6/ @TomFitton claimed LAST WEEK that Trump's "gamble" was paying off because hydroxychloroquine was working.
7/ And, of course: the president @realDonaldTrump. Who said it needed to be "put into use immediately."
8/ These are just a few of many. Did any of these people have medical backgrounds? Did they consult experts on the front lines? Did they include caveats about the risks and dangers? No. They didn't. They accused skeptical journalists of wanting Americans to die.
9/ But reporters were only echoing the risks laid out by actual experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci. And now what? Weeks of hype and hope, the drug was hoarded from ppl who need it to treat diseases like lupus, and veterans at the VA died while doctors tried to save them w/ the drug.
END/ The lessons here:

- Skepticism is good, especially when it's directed at claims of miracle cures or claims that run counter to actual expertise

- Journalists asking questions aren't asking them bc they want Americans to die

- The president gets carried away regularly
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