KD was coming to the Knicks, but didn’t in order to spite the media and his dad. #staywoke
KD is one of those dudes who hate being told what to do, even if it’s good advice. A passive aggressive rebel without a cause.
Draymond and the rest of the Warriors knew he was leaving, but Kev didn’t want them to be right. He’d always say he didn’t know what he was going to do, even though he knew he was out
That’s where the resentment started between him and the Warrior Big 3 ... they figured he was going to the Knicks ... and they teased him about it ... especially Dray & Dre ... it came to a boiling point during the “argument”
Chris B. Haynes and Stephen A. are 2 media guys that Snipe respects ... they all but had him in a Knick Jersey ... then the he got injured
KD thinks about his legacy more than he lets on and that’s why he rushed back. He saw Steph and Klay balling, and wasn’t trying to hear that “they don’t need you shit” ... then the Achilles injury happened
When that happened it changed everything, he knew he couldn’t go back to the Warriors and he knew he couldn’t go to the Knicks alone.
He hit up Kawhi to come play with him for the Knicks. (Didn’t want to play for the clippers because LA is Kawhi’s home city) Kawhi’s camp laughed and said good luck with that ...
KD knows it’ll take time to return to MVP form, and wasn’t trying to take on that “Savior” burden alone ... he didn’t wanna get Melo’d ... so he dubbed the Knicks. And signed on to play w/ KI and the Nets ...
He gets all the perks of being in New York with having to deal with the pressure of saving the Knicks ... In other words KD made the move that took the most weight off of his shoulders.
He chose his happiness over everything else, and how can you blame him or anyone else for coming to this decision?
The Warriors were terrible this year, Draymond was exposed. And Draymond realized the bay doesn’t love him like Steph either. Draymond also realized that he’s irrelevant unless he talks shit about KD. So this Dray vs. KD shit ain’t going nowhere ... can’t wait for this 30 for 30
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