When I watched this vid, the one thing that came to mind was 'SECOND CHANCE'.

M had the support of his family, friends and his loyal fans. But, he was VERY badly affected by the huge fiasco. He needed to regain his self-confidence...to find back his happiness. + #MewGulf https://twitter.com/nxmewsquito/status/1252436869083619328
Most of all, he needed someone who was willing to give him that second chance without any prejudice.

Then, he met G...a very simple boy who relies mostly on his heart....who thinks rationally...who accepts things as it is...who has more insight and is mature despite + #MewGulf
his young age.

G possibly knew about M's horrible past yet, he chose to blindly trust M.

In Tepclusives interview, without any hesitation, G answered that M will protect him. And M was shocked at G's answer. They were total strangers but G still chose to fully + #MewGulf
trust M.

Slowly, M started to accept his imperfections. He found the courage and strength to change for the better. This was the start of M's healing process.

I think that the M we see today has finally learned to let go and move on from his past. + #MewGulf
In M's Weibo update, 'Happiness is the best way to live'...for him to post this, it's possible that he has finally found his happiness.

Second chances, when given, are indeed a blessing. #MewGulf
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