Imagine those nights after the break up. We all saw how miserable Tharn was, but we never really saw gulf's situation. When No's not around, when he was all alone in that couch, with the lights off, just after watching that video or Tar. Was he able to fall asleep?
Or if he did, what about the nightmares? Did they visit him in his sleep every night? Or did he dreamed of something else? of Tharn not accepting him back? Of Tharn going back to Tar after knowing the truth?
Or, did Type forced himself to sleep with all his insecurities and uncertainties. Thoughts of Tharn staying mad at him, mixed with the faces of Tar's rapist, as he gradually see himself in the video instead of Tar. As he suddenly feel so filthy and hurt.
and trying so hard to convince himself that everything would be alright, closing his eyes while reminiscing the warmth of his hug, and the security of his presence. He will be okay, For Tharn, he would be strong.
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