Dear Hindus
The lifestyle of the long-gone Middle Eastern gents is not your problem
How halal slaughter works is not your problem. Your problem is the halal economy that shuts poorer Hindus out of livelihoods
What is taught in madarassas is a far lesser problem than what you /1
are allowed to teach in your schools.
Civil laws are a lesser problem than skewed subsidies and scholarships.
Your places of worship are a bigger problem for you than somebody else's personal hygiene
Your Diwali being stolen is a bigger problem than someone else's prayer call /2
Your families being broken up due to weaponized laws are a bigger problem than how many children someone else chooses to have.
Your practices and clothes becoming regressive symbols are a bigger problem than how someone else chooses to dress their daughters /3
Your children not being confident in their identity is a bigger problem for you than in someone else coming after your daughters
The constant tussles to prove superiority, envy and derision between your castes is a bigger problem than someone else's doctrinal differences /4
Let's fix our problems. Sure, open others to criticism, but do it in matters that pertain to you.
Their feelings of inferiority towards Turks or Arabs should matter less than how they treat you.
Play the victimhood card. Don't complain when someone else plays it better /END
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