In emails obtained in a FOIA lawsuit by @MaketheRoadNY, Trump officials acknowledged that "ICE already has the information."
But they chose to exclude that fact from talking points for Congress, when asked about info-sharing.
ICE's use of these databases is governed by user agreements and audits against "improper use." But while Trump admin has said that it hasn't changed policy on sharing of DACA recipients' info, it's never explicitly said it hasn't changed policy on when ICE can use it.
And more to the point, they can change those policies at any time -- for example, if SCOTUS allows Trump to end DACA.
IMPORTANT: none of the current and former officials I spoke with for this piece thought it would be feasible for ICE to pull mass lists of DACA recipients and go after them. Most database users can't engage in "batch queries" (broad searches).
The more plausible concern would be that, for example, immigrants with deportation orders on the books — who the acting ICE director has said they could go after if SCOTUS sides with Trump on DACA — could be found bc of what they told the government when applying for DACA.
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