MAP Pride - a short thread.

Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of "MAP Pride" or the flag. A couple reasons for this:

1) I see the value in rejecting shame, but not sure I feel proud of being a MAP.

2) It seems to be just carbon copying the LGBT+ movement, which isn't >
> a perfect analogy for our struggle.

3) As a matter of pure tactics, I think it's highly alienating to the people we're trying to persuade.

However, I think one of the biggest issues people have about MAP pride is that it tends to throw into relief the inherent illogic >
> of LGBT+ pride.

People don't choose to be lesbian, bi, gay, or trans, either, so what is Pride all about? If it's about pride in being able to acknowledge your gender and your sexuality openly in society, well, then, that goes for MAPs too.

If it's about being proud >
> that you can go further and actually have sex with the people you want to, then no, that doesn't go for MAPs, but then what about the LGB folk who can't have sex? Have they nothing to be proud of?

If it's about facing down stigma and creating a mutually supportive community >
> of understanding, and showing the world you're here for each other, well, that's a MAP thing too.

For me, becoming a gay adult in the 90s, I always felt a little uncomfortable with the tribalism and slight unthinkingness of Pride, and I feel the same way now about it in >
> its MAP guise....

But, that said, I can't see any reason why, if one blameless group can have it, another shouldn't.

I'm just not sure our case doesn't prove that it's not especially logical anywhere. ::
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