but imagine a yoonmin au in which they are known to bicker a lot. they've always acted like that together. it was their way to show their love to the other in public. but one day, yoongi goes too far during a run episode. he should have known that jimin hasn't been well these-
days that he was sad, tired, not confident in what he was doing. and yoongi really believed, for a moment, in that happy face jimin had. so he became annoying, he tried to make him upset like he usually did. and it was too much, way too much. he knew it, as his lover's eyes were-
way too sad. the smile jimin now had was a fake one, and he was pretty sure the members saw that yoongi went too fucking far. they had to finish recording the run, and as soon as they were done, jimin went away quickly.
yoongi never got that scared before. ofc they had fights -
sometimes, just like every couple. but never did he ever put jimin in such a mindset during a basic bickering. soon, guilt went through his veins as he stood up and went for his boyfriend.

he saw him enter a room and yoongi followed him.
«go away.» jimin said.


jimin sighed and yoongi looked at him.

«i said go away hyung. you hurt me.»

he didn't go away. no, he didn't. instead, he came closer to the younger boy and took his hand slowly.

«i'm sorry, i didn't mean to make you sad nor upset.»
he played with his fingers, to calm him down. he knew jimin liked little things like that.

«you didn't have to go that far. you know i'm not good these days.»

«i'm sorry.»

slowly, the upset frown jimin had on his face vanished as a little pout formed on his mouth. this-
is how yoongi knew jimin forgave him. this is how he knew his lover would let it go. he smiled fondly and kissed his cheek softly, before jimin pulled him into a hug.

«and i didn't want to shout on you coz you never shout. it wouldn't have been fair.» jimin said, still pouting.
«i know.»

«so don't do that again.»

«i won't.» he assured him.

this is how the usual bickering between them once went too far. this is how they made up and the members found jimin kissing yoongi way too passionately when they needed to go back home.
just imagine, them bickering a bit too much and then jimin is on top of yoongi and kissing him and cuddling him. because they love each other so fucking much. 🥺
and they can't stay mad for something stupid.
i got inspired while looking at this thread. go check it! 🥰
i wrote it super quickly, sorry if there are a few mistakes. https://twitter.com/awjiminie/status/1252583729442115585?s=20
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