1/ As learning shifts to the cloud, states have critical roles to play in addressing the challenges emerging in schools. But our analysis shows that many states aren't setting expectations about remote learning. https://www.crpe.org/thelens/dear-states-dont-leave-remote-learning-chance
2/ According to our analysis of official directives emerging from states on remote learning, 15 states have offered no official plan for instruction, instead leaving those decisions up to local decision makers. We know how this will turn out!
3/ 29 states direct students to adopt remote learning but what this means isn't well defined and in some states (e.g., CA, IA, OK and MD), virtually any marginal effort to offer home-based learning counts.
4/ Half of states have no formal mechanism to monitor districts' remote learning plans to ensure effective practices are being followed. As we've shown in our analysis of district remote learning plans, the gaps in learning opportunities are huge.  https://www.crpe.org/content/covid-19-school-closures
5/ States can and should do more to drive effective action on remote learning. This means setting expectations for remote learning, supporting districts to respond to the immediate crisis, and preparing to address the fallout and build a more resilient system in the fall.
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